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Library June 4th Book Sale List #4 - Elizabeth Peters

There is only one more day of Elizabeth Peters books after this! I can't believe what a haul I had!

    1. The Falcon at the Portal

    An Amelia Peabody novel. Amelia and family arrive in Egypt (remember that Peters has a PhD in Egyptology) for the 1911 archaeological season. A young friend is accused of selling ancient artifacts; when Amelia and co. try to expose the real culprit, the body of an American is found at the bottom of their excavation shaft. To make matters worse, a child of mysterious antecedents sparks a crisis in Amelia's family. Someone is after her...shooting bullets...and is awfully close.

    2. Guardian of the Horizon

    An Amelia Peabody novel. Before WWI Amelia and her husband traveled to a mysterious place in the desert as loyalty to a friend. They quickly discover that the request is based on lies and treachery, placing Amelia and her family in a trap that they have to get out of - and in the process discovering a dark past and a shocking mystery.

    3. Die for Love

    Jacqueline Kirby is a librarian from Nebraska who is embroiled in a murder of a gossip columnist at a writers convention in NYC. She is later approached by another author who fears for her life. Jacqueline goes back to work - as a sleuth - because there is a sinister scenario brewing at the convention. Jackie is in a race to avoid murder.

    4. Night Train to Memphis

    A Vicky Bliss novel. Bliss, who works at the Munich National Museum, is offered a cruse on the Nile if she will help solve a murder and stop a heist of Egyptian artifacts. She believes that the authorities want her to lead them to her missing lover (this must be an early novel in the series) Vicky finds John, with his new beau. Vicky's boss from Munich shows up, of course to meddle in the affair and they all overlook the danger from a criminal who hides behind a mask of charm.

    This is Peters' 25th novel, although it seems to be early in Vicky Bliss series since Vicky and John are still together or recently separated. It's true - if you look in the book, there are many books in the Peabody series and and Kirby series is reasonably well developed. By 1994, the Vicky Bliss series is still new.

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