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Life lessons to teach my children

My kids are getting older. No longer babies but not quite adults. I want them to be safe out in the big bad world but also want them to find their own way. I cant always tell them what to do, but at least I can impart some lessons I have learned in life.

    1. Death is inevitable, but it is nothing to fear.

    2. Most of the time you can't contol the situation, or even the outcome. But you can control how you react to it.

    3. Cut toxic and draining people out of your life.

    4. You have your whole life to work and study. Take a gap year but dont waste it getting drunk in a hostel. Use it to explore your passions and interests.

    5. Show kindness when you can. It is a strength, not a weakness.

    6. Be a skeptic but not a cynic. Question everything and have an open mind.

    7. There is always a good reason and a real reason. Most of the time people will only give you the good reason.

    8. Curiosity is so important. Sit in the front and dont be afraid to ask questions. Everyone else is probably thinking the same thing.

    9. Dont be afraid to change your point of view or go back on a decision you made. Similar to number 5, it is a strength not a weakness.

    10. You dont have to have an opinion on everything.

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