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Life Without Clock

I just noticed that I only need a wristwatch when meeting people from out of town. When completing my orders, the exact time is not so important. Otherwise, I only need the exact time when it comes to opening hours.

Here are some thoughts on what life might be like without a clock.


(Image source: commons.wikimedia.org)

    1. Fewer appointments, more waiting times

    People would meet around noon or early evening

    2. The rush hours on the way to work and back would largely be eliminated

    3. Dates would give you more time to get in tune with each other

    4. Shops and medical practices would be open longer. The pace of work would be more leisurely.

    5. Anyone who does sports would pay less attention to the time and more to their own body

    6. When traveling by public transport, you would have to wait much longer

    7. People would get up when they wake up by themselves in the morning

    8. Before the start of cinema or theater performances, someone would announce this loudly and prominently

    The church bells probably served a similar function in the past

    9. People who are always late don't need to apologize anymore

    They would end up not coming at all

    10. People generally wouldn't do what they don't feel like doing more often

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