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Lifelong goals

What do I hope to acomplish before my times up? 

    1. Solve mental health

    I see far too many depressed, anxious and sick people. I know it's as simple as doing a few things right,, but passing that on is easier said than done. If I can start by getting my friends out of this rut that would be a great start, copy and paste what works and hopefully I can get the world out of it. 

    What I'm doing about it - I post daily to Facebook (TheRoccoEffect) and Instagram ( @roccodesta). I have published to guidebooks (The Rocco Effect - Set 1, The Rocco Effect - Set 2). 

    Next steps - I could start on set 3. I could share my knowledge about psychology. That has a huge impact on our lives. I could write and perform a talk. 

    2. Improve my city

    It's not that great, but it's home. I don't think it would be that hard to improve. What's needed is... 

    Asthetics - lots of concrete, not that appealing. Add some color, artwork. Coloured lights. What we see affects our mood, brighter colours and more fun would quickly have a huge impact. 

    Activities - their isn't a lot to do here. Restaurants, bars and gyms are about it. I want to see laser quests, axe throwing, go karting, arcades, a comedy club ect. A shift from bar life would improve the lives of a lot of people. Folk want to socialise a lot more than they want to drink, that seems to be the only way the know how. 

    Clean - it's a mess, but that's down to folk just not caring. Give them a reason to care and they'll keep it clean. Tokyo had no bins for miles and it was the cleanest place I've ever been. 

    Jobs - lots of factory jobs here, but not many that fill people with meaning. If we could add more creativity to these jobs or have more creative jobs people will feel that what they're doing matters. 

    3. School 2.0

    Schools need fixed. Memorization is no longer important, we have computers to remember everything for us. Knowing how to best use that knowledge now becomes what we should be focusing on. 

    Why haven't we already started the shift? It seems so obvious to me. 

    School 2.0 - https://notepd.com/idea/schools-20-474

    4. Have a family

    I think that's something we all want, someone to love and spend the rest of your life with and kids that you can help raise to be even better than you. I don't want to settle for less, I'm sure I'll find the perfect lass for me soon enough. 

    5. Travel the world

    I've got friends all over the place. I'd love to have the money to just get on flights and visit them whenever I pleased. If love to intrudce friends from different countries. I love travelling and meeting new people a life of jumping around the world sounds amazing. 

    6. Run a business

    I'd love to run a business. New challenges dayly to try and solve. Knowing what I'd be happy to do is another question though. That sounds like a good focus for a future list. 

    7. Perform Stand Up

    I thought it would be as simple as seeing open mics and going, but it looks like most are fully booked for months. Maybe I can grab a portable speaker and do it in the street. Busking might even lead to more money. If it works out I've suddenly got a business. 

    Maybe I could offer advice as well. I've not seen that in the streets, could be fun. 

    8. Publish a comic

    This should be easy enough. I'll touch up my comics, add a few more and publish them all on amazon. 

    9. Direct my own film

    I'd love to have a Holywood level film of my own. If I write enough stories maybe someone will take a fancy and allow me to release it in the big screen. 

    10. Have my own cartoon

    That was the main reason for me going to uni. I'd love to have my own series. I'm not sure what would work, but I'll continue to write and I'm sure I'll find something great in the process. 

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