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Linux Wishlist for a Private Laptop

My son is entering high school next year, and will need a laptop - according to the school it needs to be Windows, not a Chromebook. I used to keep a second OS on my desktop (dual boot either Windows or Ubuntu - or was it Red Hat?), if I have to spend money on a laptop, I wish it would be a non-work laptop I own and control. It might be cool to share the computer with my son and put a second OS on it just for me. If I did, this is what I'd need for it.

    1. Evernote

    I do like accessing the desktop version on occasion.

    2. Chrome Browser

    I think this is supported in most distributions.

    3. Samsung DeX

    Allows desktop access to Samsung phones

    4. Word Processing?

    I usually use Google Docs for my long-form writing.

    5. Ability to Open Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

    While I can use Google Sheets (and Slides and other Office equivalents), there may be cases of existing spreadsheet work I might want to see on a private machine.

    6. Bluetooth driver support

    I love my wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

    7. Video Editing Software

    I mostly do this in Cloud/Web/Online form, so it's not strictly necessary. (WeVideo, YouTube Studio)

    8. Gaming

    I'm a hypocrite because I won't allow my son to have games on the laptop, but if I could find a little time for it, I'd love to play a game or two. I think Steam support is possible on a mainstream Linux disto.

    9. Fitness Equipment Support

    I used to struggle to get data off my Garmin fitness tracking watch on anything non-Windows. I don't really use my Garmin or much beyond my smart-phone, but maybe I'll go back to it.

    10. PDF edits and ePub access

    Maybe I would use the laptop as an eReader?

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