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List 10 (or as close as you can) things that make you feel insecure.

For each, write a short note on how you can change your thinking about it to remove the insecurity.

    1. How I have stayed my same band for 3 years

    I'm doing well at what I am doing now

    2. I don’t have any luxury bags

    Luxury bags are not a necessity, only a status label

    3. I have not travelled enough

    I will travel when I can. The world is not running away any time soon. 

    4. I am scared about moving to another country

    I am working it out, and sorting the documents out.

    5. I only read YA books

    Reading is progressive. I will get to motivational and philosophical books when I am able. 

    6. Not owning any properties

    It is a big goal that requires a lot. When the right time comes, it will fall into place. 

    7. My weight

    I am taking care of my body the best way I can. It doesn't matter if I'm losing weight or not. What matters is that I eat properly, and move my body 

    8. Relationship

    My marriage might not be as glamorous as others', but I know my husband loves me. He is loyal, patient, respectful, and God-fearing. He is all I need. 

    9. Having children

    I just suffered a miscarriage 2 months ago, and it still hurts everyday. Our baby will come when the Lord wills it. 

    10. Fashion Sense

    I'm not the most fashionable person, but I am comfortable in my own clothing 

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