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List 10 Things You Love About Yourself.

    1. Sense of Humor

    I have a decent sense of humor. Though sometimes I can be a bit mean. Still it is one of my good qualities

    2. Love for reading

    I LOVE reading. I have loved reading forever. This has been my bedrock and the reason that I survived at all.

    3. Practical

    I can be practical and cut the clutter and get to the point when needed.

    4. Responsible

    I can take responsibility for things and generally I don't shirk and don't do blame game.

    5. Nice

    I am generally nice and non-confrontational. I think that makes it easier to be with me. I am not always much of a conversationalist though, but I love to listen. I am not fussy and can adjust reasonably well to many circumstances. Also being nice is not always the good thing.

    6. Introvert

    Being an introvert suits me. I can find things to be happy with. While I have done poorly in the past, when I have lived alone, still I think I can be happy alone reasonably well. The lack of a partner bothers me, but I am able to manage well enough. I can manage because I am an introvert or I am in this situation because I am an introvert is debatable.

    7. Loyal

    I think I am fairly loyal. I think I am very loyal. I can't remember where I have betrayed someone

    8. Cooking skills

    I can cook reasonably well. Not that I spend a lot of time in it or try very different dishes. But I can cook regular food well. Good enough for my family, and especially me.

    9. Open to new ideas

    I am generally open to try out new ideas and things. Not something very radical but otherwise yes. I like reading about new ideas. I like trying new food. I love travelling to new places.

    10. Moving on

    I can easily move on from defeats, losses and mistakes. I can survive. There are a few things I am still hanging on to, I suppose. But I can move on from and get over most small/medium things.

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