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Lists of ideas for lists

I have been a little bit dry recently for list ideas. What are some good topics?

    1. Ten ideas that you think will go viral but won't

    2. Ten things that are not what they seem

    3. Ten ideas for ____ that will never happen

    4. Ten things I thought were true but now I'm not so sure

    5. Ten ideas for a better society

    (ask people for feedback on these)

    6. The top 10 reasons why XYZ isn't happening

    And why it might anyway

    7. A list of ten things I would like to see changed in the world and how I can help with each idea

    For instance, "Can we stop the spread of misinformation"
    My idea is, "Yes
    We can put "Fact Check" labels on all news stories so people know when they are reading propaganda
    " And then I would describe how this is possible and what we can do about it
    Or whatever my ten items are here
    It's a sort of meta-list but maybe interesting to see how many different ways there are to solve problems or make the world better and how we can all contribute to those solutions, even if it's small stuff
    Maybe call this one "The 10 Things I Can Do This Week To Make The World A Better Place"
    Again, let's crowdsource suggestions for the 10 items here so everyone benefits from the knowledge out there instead of me just making up my own ideas (which is what I have been doing lately)

    8. What is the best argument against AI taking over

    What would be your argument
    And why do you think it will work
    Or not
    Let's crowdsource this one as well

    9. The 10 Best Books Ever Written On X (where X is a specific topic such as AI or Chess or Investing or Happiness)

    Again, let's crowdsource what books should be on this list


    10. The top ten reasons why XYZ won't happen (and maybe some ideas on how to make them happen anyway)

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