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Live in the green zone

    1. The green zone

    • Contentment
    • Hopefulness
    • Optimism
    • Positive expectations and beliefs
    • Enthusiasm (entheos - the God within)
    • Eagerness
    • Happiness
    • Passion
    • Joy
    • Appreciation
    • Love

    2. Live your life on a higher frequency.

    Your emotional guidance system helps you navigate through life and make decisions.
    Your emotions give you information about what is happening in the world and how you're responding to it.
    When you pay attention to your emotions and use them as a guide, you can make more informed and effective decisions.
    Your emotions are connected to your thoughts, behaviors, and experiences.
    Living in the green zone's high vibrational state improves your overall well-being and quality of life.

    3. There's a "stream of goodness" present at all times.

    You're either in the green zone or you're not.
    You're happy, joyful, and loving or you're not.
    You can feel it when you're in the green zone and when you're not.
    The longer you can remain in this zone you'll begin to notice the miracles.
    You'll experience a shift in perspective.
    Your life won't just be great, it will be phenomenal.
    If you visit this neighborhood once you'll want to stay there because magic happens in the green zone.

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