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Living Abroad, Buying Real-estate Overseas (Intermission In The Holy Land)

Hold the Matzha!

Alrighty my compadres, shalom!

Were taking a detour to The Holy Land, not to worry, I'm hot on the trail of the Nomad Capitalist (no clue what that is? Go HERE)

While he may be great, "why have one guy when you can have them all?" Said my ex, no no I'm kidding it was only ten!

Anyway, I'm getting the list of Nomaders that'll do the job for you and linking up the. . .links, if you'd like to do the work yourself you can.

More on that later

Strap down your kippah and pray you don't get stuck next to a guy with a tub of gefilte fish (and then wipes his juicy fingers on the seat)


Some may love Tel-Aviv and while it boasts a dense population (400k) some of the finest restaurants you can find off of the Mediterranean and a crazy nightlife where you might just find yourself in someone's apartment the following day littered with Gold Star beer bottles. . .my hearts in the north.


    1. The Kibutznikim

    The kibbutznik, you could say, is the reason Isreal exists today. Across the once desert these guys were out there planting fields of bananas sweating their asses off and trying not to get shot.

    Today, it's like taking a step back in time. And since I'm crunched for time I'll be listing some of my favorite spots. (Only because I learned how you can become a European citizen without spending 2Million Euro!)

    • The Kinneret aka The Sea of Galilea - Fantastic fresh water, Jesus walked on it, and damn good "sweet" fish. Oh, but if you go in the summer be ready for the Arseem blasting jams (No, they will not turn it down - zuubee) Watch the Zohan, you'll be ready
    • History Buffs - The oldest Christian church is still there and you can see it! Go a little further north and there are still outposts with bullet holes you can see from the six-day war.
    • The hot springs - Originally created for the Romans, this 90-degree sulphuric water soothed aches and pains. (It's incredible to go there in the winter then shoot down to Tiberius and snag a Shawarma)

    Ps You want to go to this little place where instead of plain old pita or lafa (giant flatter pita) he makes his own baguettes 🤤🤤

    2. Tiberius

    Standing in a crowded hole-in-the-wall bakery, me and my brother and law were fighting our way through sea of people to get our hands on fresh pita! It's Friday, and good luck finding anything open on Shabbat!

    Suddenly the mob pushes the little guy right into the rack! He screems! Some burns, but he'll live.

    The baker barks and curses us ANIMALS. We all settle down and my brother-in-law takes two extra stacks and we jet. There was a limit but Yalla-Yalla, the wives want pita and Nutella.

    3. The Empty Kibbutz

    There is a trend happening within the kibbutz communities. At one time, and still today depending on the settlement, you live, work and die in the kibbutz. They supply everything your job, your car, the schools all of it.

    Well a few generations in, and Isreal is not the warzone it once was. So the younger ones kinda don't want their entire lives stuck there, I get that. So many of the kibbutz sell the land and give the money to their families.

    There is this one settlement I would LOVE to own or at least find a way to stay there whenever I wanted. . .but as with any council they just can't decide what to do. No one lives there, it's right on the water, but apparently, corporations have been waving dollars at them for the past 20 years. And that is exactly why they don't want to sell. They don't want greedy hotel/resort moguls snapping up the land and making it inaccessible for the locals. When I found this out, I say, NEVER SELL!

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