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Living Abroad, Buying Real-estate Overseas: Part 1


Yesterday I almost ignored the challenge of "How to Live on 2k a Month" and instead wrote about how you can make 10K a month with a simple job and NO qualifications needed. If you didn't see or read it, you can do so HERE

For the lovely readers who wanted more and spent all night tossing and turning in anticipation about. . .

THE MAN. Well, let's get going.

PS. There will also be an appearance of THE WOMAN!

    1. The Nomad Capitalist

    Were simply gonna get down to brass tacks today. I won't give you his bio if you want to read about him, you're going to have to wait. Ok, you can simply go to the bottom, there's a link. But don't come crying to me when you facing gunfire from the regime change because YOU chose the wrong country and didn't read my

    Andrew Henderson is a lot of things, but what tickled my πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š was his apparent business-savvy way of making money and living where ever he wanted on the planet! He's the expert, so he's the best person to school you on the fundamentals.

    Let's set aside the "how to" and instead dream about where you can live in style, without needing millions of dollars.

    2. Hows This All work?

    There are TONS of ways you can live your life abroad and leave the US in your hindsight. And I've gotta come clean. . .

    Living in other countries is not so simple as throwing up a map and starting to throw darts. That would be a vacation, which costs a lot and only lasts a short while. This is about having the freedom to live anywhere on the planet, while also living in reality.

    For one, there are taxes (yes these amazing destinations have them too) yet, a lot of these countries have come to realize what our brother and sister states like (California and New York) have forgotten.

    Making it easier for businesses to make money by cutting out the red tape and giving huge tax incentives ultimately makes the governing body money!

    Coming Clean, Idea Lists (My Take)

    Ok, as usual, I bite of more than I can chew. What I used to do is run for the hills! But a pretty cool thing has happened since I've been doing my idea lists every day for the last 21 days in a row!

    I make the most of it and keep moving.

    Anyway, I think the whole point of these idea lists are to come up with ideas on the spot. That's what makes it so hard but ultimately so rewarding. Your idea muscle REALLy has to sweat. My original plan was to make the list of countries, list the reasons why you'd want to live there, have a business there and. . .

    It turns out that in and of itself is a strategy that takes a good bit more research as well as leaving time for the editing.

    I'll be updating this over the next few days.

    Did you know you could

    3. Do You Like it Hot or Cold? πŸ€”. . . 🌴 πŸ”

    Cold-ish Nomadic Life Destination Numero Uno

    On the outskirts and tucked between Franc and Spain there's a little place called Andorra.

    Caldea with its unique spas, gym, etc

    • The Paley de Gel for ice skating
    • Ecotematic park in Naturlandia
    • Three natural parks, of which one being UNESCO world heritage
    • Lots of sporting events (La Delta, world MTB, etc), artistic events (Cirque Du Solar) and much more

    Important facts

    4. Live in Tbilisi, Georgia on $1,000 a month

    5. Caribbean

    In Grenada and Dominica, you can get citizenship simply by investment?

    6. Work Visa

    In most countries getting a work visa is pretty damn hard plus, the max time is in the range of months. Well not if you go to Indonesia. They give you an unheard-of five-year work visa!

    Oh, taxes? Well, they said, "we're all in!"

    And you could pay $0 taxes as long as the income is earned outside of Indonesia.

    7. Nothing Lasts Forever

    One country that boasted some of the best incentives just closed its doors for citizenship. It was a hotspot for entrepreneurs and ex-pats.

    8. What I'll be covering

    How to get around taxes, similar to how a company does (Nomad Style)

    Creating a list of all the countries to go (by climate, taxes, political and social environments)

    What are the best businesses to open

    Purchasing real estate (Isreal has some free land they want you to have)

    Ready for Aaliyah and a one-way ticket? (How you might be able to still have dual citizenship)

    This is only the tip of the iceberg!

    9. There Citizenship Was Controlled by One

    If you gain citizenship in any EU country guess what? You can up and move to any other EU country without the need for a visa, tons of capitol, or a wedding ring.

    10. WARNING

    Ariel Vieras website (The Nomad Capitalist) here

    Now don't go off and sign up for his services just yet. He's in business and I still need to find out more about him however, he does have a lot of free info.

    Until next time

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