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Long Weeks R' Us

Every now and then there are weeks that feel extra long. Time has stopped. The days last f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Potential reasons why this one was long.

    1. So much commuting

    I went into the office 3 days in a row this week. I don't think I've ever done that in this job, but there were a ton of work colleagues from out of town that I wanted to meet in person. 6-8 hours spent commuting. Yikes.

    2. So many people

    I hate crowds. The noise, the people bumping into me, the social aspect of it. It sets me on edge. I wanted to meet and see everyone, but it was incredibly draining.

    3. The Audiobook

    Amazingly helpful so far: Complex PTSD by Pete Walker. I'm almost finished, but it has been a deep dive into me and maybe a bit too much before/after these long days. But I can be a glutton for punishment.

    4. 4 day work weeks

    Love a good 4 day work week, but there's this magically brain trick that makes these weeks feel longer.

    5. Post work busy

    Commute, pick up kid from football practice, rush home, make dinner, finish up whatever I missed during the day, pass out. A severe lack of destress time.

    6. And then the in-laws stopped by

    For my son's football game tonight. I was thinking I'd have some quiet time while watching the game. Nah, my mother in law talks non-stop. She'd talk to walls if there isn't anybody else to listen. I could totally have worse in-laws, it's just way way way too much after this week.

    7. Busy work

    And lots of work to do. The boss was at a conference, another colleague I work with was spending 3 weeks in Japan, and various tasks fell to me to complete. I don't mind the work, there was just a lot to do before my day off tomorrow.

    8. Excitement of a day disconnected

    Plus the anticipation of a day off. No expectations to check my phone whatsoever. Just get outside with somebody I love to hike, enjoy this world, and have fun.

    9. But

    The long weeks make the ones that fly by feel that much better. It's not so bad to have a long feeling week now and then. I finished my work, I can log off and prepare for a new day.

    10. And with that

    I wish you all a lovely Friday and weekend. I'll be back to post some lists after I get some time out tomorrow.

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