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lose weight

    1. Don't eat after dinner

    Don't eat anything after dinner. This is the most important one. In order to lose weight, you have to be in a caloric deficit (i.e. consume less calories than your body needs). If you eat more calories in the morning than you need and then don't eat again until dinner, then that's a caloric deficit for the whole day.

    2. Eat more protein and fat

    The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. When you eat food, your body has to expend energy (via digestion) in order to convert that food into energy it can use. The more processed or high-carb foods you eat, the more energy your body has to spend digesting them. So if you want to lose weight, reduce your consumption of processed carbs like bread or pasta (which turn into sugar very quickly) and increase your consumption of protein and fat which are much harder for your body to digest and turn into energy so they do not raise insulin as much as carbs do.

    3. Go outside

    I've noticed I feel hungrier when I'm inside all day long (at work or home). When I go outside every hour or two during the day I seem to not get hungry as much and lose weight faster.

    4. No snacking between meals!

    The above rule also applies here: if you snack between meals, chances are those snacks will end up being higher carb/sugar snacks so they will make you fatter if you do this every day instead of just occasionally.

    5. Don't drink calories

    This includes things like milkshakes at Starbucks or Frappucinos or any other sugary drinks at coffee shops but also sodas and other sugary drinks like juices or sports drinks (which are basically just sodas with fancy labels).

    6. Get enough sleep!

    When we sleep our bodies go through processes where we "burn" stored fat back into our bodies in order to keep us alive while we sleep (since we're not eating). This is why people who sleep less than 6 hours a night tend to gain weight even if they're on a caloric deficit diet.

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