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Love and harmony is what the children need. (1 min 47 sec)


    1. Love and harmony, like the sweetest of melodies, intertwine to create the symphony of a child's soul.

    They nurture the soil from which the flowers of a child's spirit bloom.

    2. Love is the warm embrace that wraps around a child's heart, it offers comfort and security in a world full of uncertainties.

    It is the gentle lullaby sung in the quiet moments that soothes the fears and brings peace of mind.

    3. Harmony is the rhythm that guides a child through life's ups and downs.

    It teaches them to dance gracefully through challenges and find balance in the face of chaos.  It's like the steady beat of a drum, it keeps them grounded and centered.

    4. Together, love and harmony form a harmonious duet, providing the foundation upon which a child's consciousness flourishes.

    Love nurtures their sense of self-worth, while harmony teaches them the importance of cooperation and understanding.

    5. In the orchestra of life, love and harmony are the conductor's baton, guiding the child's journey with grace and compassion.

    They create a melody that resonates in their hearts, reminding them that they are cherished and connected to the world around them.

    6. So, yes, love and harmony are indeed what children need.

    They are the music of childhood, the chords that play in the background of their lives, shaping them into the harmonious beings they already are.
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