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Love extended is like a new flower coming out (1 min 47 sec read)

When there is the past meeting the present and says yes, "I'm fully aware of this movement of thought." 
When you become completely aware of this movement. Then it stops. 
Then I meet you for the first time. 
There is something fresh about it, like a new flower bursting through the ground to meet the sun for the first time.

    1. What prevents humans from extending love?

    Turbulence and turmoil.
    You hold onto the past.
    You're attached to your beliefs, opinions, and ideologies so you don't see.
    Not only do you not see clearly, but you don't actually see at all.
    Real vision can only be seen through the eyes of Love.

    2. Doctor, doctor, why do we live like this?

    Why all the hate, competition, brow-beating, attack, ridicule, and judgment?
    Why do human beings live this way?
    Why are we so mentally ill?

    3. There are millions of "to-do" and "bucket lists" made but very few "to be" lists will ever see the light of the day.

    What happens when your "to-do" list is complete?
    What happens to YOU after you've checked off every item on your bucket list?
    As spiritual beings we're so hollow and empty inside and we keep searching for the answers outside of ourselves.
    Will 2023 be the year you decide to have a shift in perception about yourself as well as your extended family?
    Having a shift in perception means that your way of seeing or understanding the world has changed, in a significant way. 
    Your mind is exposed to new experiences and perspectives that challenge your existing beliefs or assumptions. 
    For example, you may have always believed that all politicians are corrupt and a shift in your perception after meeting a politician who is genuinely committed to serving the public good. 
    Having a shift in perception will change your attitude, your behavior, and even your beliefs. 
    Love extended is the only REAL thing happening for any lasting transformation.

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