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Love never Dies. (2 min 15 sec)


Who is the Me that is going to die?
My name.
My accomplishments.
My successes and my failures.
My accumulation of knowledge.
My worldly possessions.
My body.
My family.
My superstitions.
My fears, doubt, and guilt.
My followers, likes, shares, and comments.
My ideas.
My business.
My reputation.
My ambition and my procrastination.
I lose being first and being last.
I lose believing and not believing.
How I look.
What I eat and what I wear.
What I think about myself.
What I think about others.
My opinions, beliefs, ideas, fantasies, and illusions.

    1. All of this is me.

    2. This is what's in my consciousness.

    3. My consciousness is not any different from yours.

    4. You are the same kind of different as me.

    5. You have fears, greed, envy, doubts, and the need to feel secure just like me.

    6. Consciousness doesn't cease to be when my body dies and I suppose it will be the same for you.

    7. So I cannot be the body I must still be free as God created me to be.

    8. If common consciousness stopped when bodies die then we might be having a different conversation.

    9. But for the sake of being honest with ourselves let's not deal in hypotheticals.

    10. So this begs the question of what doesn't die?

    11. Only the man who doesn't know what truly dies at transition could be afraid of death.

    12. Love never dies.

    13. God is Love.

    The sentence doesn't read, God maybe love, God could be Love, or God is sometimes love.
    It's simple and melodic.
    God is love.

    14. His love is right now.

    15. And Love knows no death.

    16. Any derivative of love knows no death - joy, compassion, caring, etc.

    17. If Love cannot die and we are an expression of that divine love then we cannot die.

    18. God cannot create unlike itself.

    19. So relax because there's nothing to be afraid of.

    20. God sends her love.

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