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Low or No Cost Random acts of kindness

    1. Give a compliment to a stranger

    My wife does this all the time and gets a positive response. I don't think guys can do this as easily. Maybe more like a parking lot situation "love the wheels on your truck" kinda thing... Idk

    2. Offer a break to a busy parent

    having kids is hard. Letting their kids come over and play while their parents get something done or relax is huge. My wife and I have never had any help from family or friends. I'd love if someone offered.

    3. Giving low dollar gift cards is cool.

    My dad gives me $5 gift cards to a local gas station chain every once in a while. It's small, and doesn't even buy a gallon of gas anymore, but I really like it.

    4. Give flowers

    years ago a friend and I would buy a dozen roses from the grocery store and hand them out to strangers one by one. It always got a big smile.

    5. Send someone a pizza for dinner

    Going to do this for my neighbor. He's a busy dude taking care of his mom. Everyone loves pizza.

    6. Send a post card

    I love getting mail that's not bills and junk

    7. Offer to use a skill your normally paid for, for free

    I built a website for a local company for free. They loved it

    8. be a volunteer

    find a local organization you think is interesting and volunteer

    9. Share positive stories online. I love seeing good news, help a friend see it by sharing more of it.

    We could all use good news these days.

    10. Leave positive reviews

    So many businesses deserve a positive review. Most people only think to leave one when they're mad. When you've had great service from a local business, share it online, it'll make their day and help their business.

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