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Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Is So Odd

i started watching this anime because the name is odd. I assumed that it would be very stereotypical with girls with enormous chests and magical girl shit. I thought I'd stop watching it. But I haven't after 6 episodes. It continues to surprise me. I am a sucker for stories that surprise me. T


his hasn't failed after 6 episodes. I think the fact that the story engages you and evokes emotion and concern for the characters overwhelms the ridiculous story.

    1. The first episode, our hero pledges his life to a girl sworn to defeat a hammer hanging in the sky

    He kneels down like a knight and pledges his life. The story alone was bizarre, but I rolled with it.

    2. Our hero's companion is a lizard who was reincarnated.

    The lizard tells him he is a Beast Knight - with a beast companion (in his case, a lizard, named Neu).

    3. There are 12 knights who will fight against the Biscuit Hammer together

    4. One of the knights died after 4 episodes because he wanted to be like his dog who died saving someone else's life.

    They built the character up and made us like him and then killed him off, destabilizing our hero.

    5. Our hero struggles with PSTD and fear after the knight saved his life.

    He goes to fight a golem by himself and has a PSTD episode and nearly dies.

    6. He regains his courage by finding a reason to fight.

    The reason is that his lizard was saved in a previous life by another knight, so he decides to go save her at the request of his lizard. This is the strangest anime I have ever watch except Flowers of Evil.

    7. The kicker is - after the (now 11) knights kill the Biscuit Hammer, he has pledged to the Princess to kill the other knights while she destroys the world.

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