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James Altucher


Master Classes I'd Like to Create

This was a good list to make because it made me think about what I'm good enough at to teach a class on. It's a smaller list than I thought!

    1. Business

    2. Investing

    Example topics:
    - value investing
    - growth
    - arbitrage
    a. Merger arb
    b. capital structure arb
    c. other types of quantitative arb
    - quantitative
    - closed-end funds
    - crypto
    - shortselling
    - daytrading
    - options (which can be an entire master class by itself)
    - other asset classes: real estate, bonds, etc.
    - case studies of big moments in investing history
    - studies of the best investors ever.

    Actually, all of these things can be their own master classes. So I guess the overall class would be 1-3 tips to master each of these but without going into heavy depth. Each one would need its own master class.

    3. Writing

    4. Podcasting

    5. Self-publishing

    6. Chess

    7. Negotiation

    8. Crypto

    9. Entrepreneurship (separate from Business but overlaps)

    10. Hmmm, I can't think of a tenth. The things I've done most in life have been writing and other forms of content creation, and then investing/business and then chess. Maybe other games.

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