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Make cubicle living bearable

Too many of us are still reporting to "cube farms" in order to do our work. Here are a few ideas to make the space more enjoyable

    1. Keep it tidy

    Most people find spaces that are cluttered or "too busy" stressful and a negative experience. Try not to have every inch of space covered with work materials. The human mind needs empty space to imagine what's next.

    2. Whenever possible, position your workstation facing where it suits you.

    Most cubicles have options as to how they can be arranged. Do you want the computer facing outward or do you want your back to the distractions in the common area? Even if the desk location is fixed within the cubicle, you will likely have some option as to where the monitor, laptop, etc. is situated. Make sure the location works for you, not the last person who was there...

    3. Have a few personal effects visible

    Limit it to a few. Remember Idea #1

    4. Bring life to the cubicle

    Maybe it is a mini-aquarium with shrimp. Maybe a venus fly-trap or other plant. Living things make your space more natural and promote positive mindset with the mini-tasks that go along with caring for these organisms.

    5. Have a single physical toy or implement

    Something as simple as a fidget spinner or a Rubik's cube can provide your hands something to do while your brain is engaged. Or they can be used as a break. Putting a little physical activity into your work routine is often beneficial.

    6. Make the space fit you

    Is the computer monitor the right height? Is your chair comfortable? Do you work better standing? Can you reach what you need easily? All these things add up.

    7. Is the temperature right?

    Some will have more flexibility here than others but make strides to have a comfortable temp at your cubicle. This may mean having a mini heater, a sweater that stays at work, redirecting air flow from the vent directly overhead, or having a mini fan on your desk.

    8. is the lighting right?

    In many offices the overhead lighting is harsh and too bright. Will the boss allow to remove a bulb? Perhaps a darker shade over the light? Conversely, if you need a lamp, get one with a style you enjoy, not necessarily a "office desk lamp".

    9. Can you hear yourself think?

    What is the noise level in your cube farm? This is another area that can vary a lot. Cross-cube chatter can improve office work flow but can also cause distractions. Many choose to listen to personal devices with buds or headphones. This works well until a coworker needs to have a conversation. Whenever possible, create ways to replace extraneous noise with pleasing sounds, music, lectures, whatever.

    10. Home away from home

    Many people spend a significant part of their waking hours in a cubicle or similar work environment. Work is hard enough. We shouldn't have to battle the workspace as well. Efforts made by both management and the worker to make the space as enjoyable as possible will show in better employee engagement, morale, and performance. Make your workspace a reflection of the place you either do or wish to spend the majority of your time.

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