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Empower people with special needs/conditions

    1. Alzheimer's Special (and those with hand tremor conditions) Apparel

    Every online and offline store, especially popular ones, must have a special apparel alteration (at least for buttoned apparel/tops) option for people with Alzheimer's/hand-tremor-condition/fractured handed people requiring assistance etc. while placing an order... and the apparel manufacturer can then for a special fee, replace the regular buttons with magnetic buttons that snap-click.

    This will go a long way in supporting the people, making them self-reliant, boosting their self-confidence, and enabling them to enjoy popular fashion.

    I would love the day when every retailer has this as a default option to pick. Nothing wrong in charging a little extra for the labor that goes in - am sure empowering people will go a long way

    2. Smart phone for seniors and/or visually challenged

    Most seniors need a just a few messaging apps, with minimal interfaces... make a customer version of such mobile apps, pre-load them into a rugged smartphone, and enables tactile touch experience (not regular smartphone touch); this can even be used by visually challenged people... and develop apps for survival for them in mind

    3. Hyper-local vernacular app

    Most apps and products are built with features for English people. A big-market awaits in non-english speaking markets... in non-romance language nations. Enable and empower who have access to smartphone but not the language of english, or western langugages... hyper-localized apps

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