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Make up ten new delicious foods

Imagine you're setting up a new street food stand or food truck. You want to sell something unique to set yourself apart from all the other vendors. What ridiculous but possibly delicious new foods can you come up with?

    1. The $5 Footlong

    A footlong sub (like a Subway sandwich) but made out of human flesh. When you order it, the person making it cuts off their own foot at the ankle and puts it in the meat grinder.

    2. The Starbucks Frappuccino

    Every morning there's a line outside Starbucks of people waiting for their morning latte. You can beat them to the punch by ordering something called a frappuccino. It's just regular coffee with one additional ingredient: the blended up remains of yesterday's frappuccinos.

    3. Super Salad

    You take all your favorite vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc and throw them into a blender. Then you pour that into a bowl and eat it as your salad.

    4. The Twinkie Pie

    A Twinkie filled with whipped cream and topped with pie filling.

    5. The Unicorn Frappuccino (with instructions on how to make at home)

    The secret ingredient? Unicorn tears! How do you get unicorn tears? By putting an ad on Craigslist looking for unicorns willing to donate their tears to your cause. You only need about 1/4 teaspoon per frappuccino so this should last you quite awhile if you can find a unicorn willing to donate their tears to your cause.

    6. The "I'm so sorry" Sandwich

    You go up to someone who looks like they're having a bad day and say, "I'm so sorry." And then give them this sandwich which is just two slices of bread with between them written on each slice in condiment-quality hot sauce "I'm so sorry." Repeat every few hours until they are no longer having a bad day or they die from septic shock due to food poisoning from the hot sauce used on the sandwich.

    7. A burger patty made out of 100% beef plus another patty made out of 100% beef but shaped like your ex-girlfriend's face and cooked medium rare so it's still bleeding slightly when you bite into it

    Also comes with lettuce & tomato garnish shaped like her nipples that are also still slightly bleeding when you bite into them because they're medium rare too even though they're not really part of the burger patty but more decoration garnish garnished onto the burger patty that's shaped like your ex-girlfriend's face but cooked medium rare anyway because she was always too much trouble anyway so why did I ever date her in the first place

    8. A milkshake made out of blended up porn magazines mixed in with chocolate chips and served in an edible glass container that has been baked at 350 degrees for 4 hours before serving so it becomes fully digestible once consumed causing any

    9. An entire meal consisting entirely of foods named after people who died from eating tainted food

    , Anna Oullette Soup, Mary Shelley Chili, etc
    all recipes found online by searching "food + name + death" where name is replaced by various famous people who died from tainted food including Anna Oullette, Mary Shelley, etc
    served together as one big meal for $10 or whatever we decide is our new special price point once we've figured out how many ingredients we will need for each recipe

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