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Make up ten new delicious foods

I would create a menue of delicious calorie conscious versions of popular dishes and snacks with my own twists 

I do have a business idea for the future but it's not my main goal. If this supports anyone else, I simply request fair collaboration. 

    1. 1) Vegan beef w broccoli & noodles

    - beefless tips

    - combo of olive oil, peanut oil and non stock cooking spray 

    - sauce mixture of sushi sauce, low sodium soy sauce and tamari 

    - Shirataki noodles soaked in curry vegetable broth (super flavor, little to no spice kick) in place of rice or regular noodles. 

    Regular dish, 500-700 calories per serving

    This option 200-400 calories  per serving 

    2. 2) Fresh roasted cashews

    Cashews are high calorie and high (good quality) fat as is.  

    I find raw cashews roasted with a bit of non stick spray and Himalayan pink salt are a delicious snack when fresh and not a candy like other vendors that drench them in corn starch, sugar and oil. 

    I don't know all the science but I configure they have a 24-48 hour shelf life as there are no preservatives

    3. 3) Shirataki spaghetti and meatless balls

    Shirataki noodles and vegan meatballs 

    4. 4) Spaghetti squash and meatless balls

    Spaghetti squash as noodles

    5. 5) vegan chicken-less noodle soup

    Chickenless broth, Shirataki noodles, fresh carrot & celery, pulled pieces of vegan chicken tenders. 

    6. 6) Fat free egg and cheese

    Egg whites, fat free American cheese, Himalayan pink salt  

    7. 7) Truffle egg and cheese

    Egg white or egg beaters. Fat free American, black truffle Sat! 

    8. 8) low calorie egg salad

    Hard boiled eggs. 1 yoke per 5 eggs and light Mayo. Simple and amazing. 

    9. 9) truffle egg salad

    Same as 8 plus truffle salt

    10. 10) vanilla caramel pb ice cream

    125 calories per serving, 500 per pint. Secret recipe 

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