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Make up ten new delicious foods

Make up ten new delicious foods

    1. Corndog carrot bites

    These are corn dogs, but instead of a hot dog inside the fried corn bread, it's a roasted baby cut carrot.

    2. Tofu fries

    I've actually made these before several times. I slice extra firm tofu into fries, coat them in sweet potato starch, and fry them in peanut oil.

    3. Jambalaya pizza

    A pizza dough topped with chicken, andouille sausage, shrimp, celery, and a Cajun sauce, then baked in a brick oven. Not sure if cheese is a good idea or not.

    4. Breaded and fried Italian meatballs on a stick

    I suppose it will turn out similar to a corn dog, but rounder.

    5. Pineapple "elote"

    A long chunk of pineapple on a stick, slathered in mayonnaise, seasoned with spices and fresh lime, and topped with salty cojita cheese, then flame-grilled.

    6. Spaghetti doughnuts

    Cooked spaghetti pasta arranged in rings and deep fried, then topped with pasta sauce.

    7. Chocolate covered mandarin oranges

    Peeled mandarin oranges put on a stick and dipped in chocolate

    8. Candied olives

    You get the sweet balancing out the bitters

    9. Beer battered pepperoni pizza

    Take slices of pepperoni pizza, dip them in beer batter, and deep fry them until you get a heart attack.

    10. Eggplant pie

    I wonder if eggplant tastes good as a sweet pastry?

    11. Olive oil coffee

    Starbucks beat me to this one.

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