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Making money whilst you sleep

This is the area I'm focusing on when it comes to work. I'm sick of working for minimum wage per hour. 

This is a list of ways I'm taking in order to make money whilst I sleep.

Making money whilst you sleep

    1. Books

    I currently have 3 books on Amazon.  2 guidebooks towards a happier life and a question/prompt book used to build stronger bonds with eachother and serves as a keepsake full of memories.

    The books are all solid products, but my descriptions don't do them justice.  I should use chatgpt to help me write copy and advertise to a wider audience.

    Search 'The Rocco Effect ' if you'd like to see my books.

    2. T-shirts

    I'm still waiting on confirmation before I can start selling.. I can use one design for multiple products.  I'm really happy with the design's.  I'll make sure that I use chatgpt to write my copy.

    3. Online Course

    I tried this before and had no luck.  People talk about wanting to be happier, but it looks like when people are looking for course's they pass happiness course's.  To be fair if I saw a happinesses course I'd dismiss it as nonsense and not take part.  Maybe I can market it differently.

    I should make a list of all the things I could teach in a course.

    4. Nfts

    From what I've heard I can get a cut off every future sale.  I still don't understand why anyone would pay for a jpg.  Maybe I could offer more than just a picture.  I'm not sure I'd need to research them more.

    Doing a little work to make the nft result's in money every time it's sold.  Trading cards come to mind.

    5. Music

    Once an albums made it's ready to sell forever.  Spotify allows you to make money without ever selling a fd.  As long as the songs are played you get a small cut.

    6. Videos

    YouTube might share more recent video's, but If you cater to a small audience your old video's will still show up when people search for that topic.  Maybe YouTube's too crowded, rumble might be worth looking into.  

    7. Cartoons

    I wanted to make an English language based animation, but I wouldn't know how to advertise that.  Maybe I can make it then get help with advertising when I'm back in China.

    8. Have others work for me

    A typical business.  I'd still need to manage them,so it's not quite money as I sleep.
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