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Collin Harness


Maybe Jews Should Control The World

I just watched the Casey Neistat rant about Kanye. Kanye thinks everything is controlled by the Jews, which is absurd, hilarious, scary, racist, mental illness. Etc. Ran out of descriptors

    1. There are 14.8 Million Jews worldwide

    1.4 Billion Chinese

    1.3 Billion Indian

    That is one Jewish person for every 94 Chinese people. I don't think Jews are controlling those countries.

    2. Stephen Spielberg

    He makes the best movies. Maybe he should run more of Hollywood.

    3. Larry David

    He said FTX was not a great idea. He was right. And I love Curb Your Enthusiasm

    4. Daniel Radcliff

    Harry Potter is Jewish. We cannot live in a world without Harry Potter.

    5. Jews make the best bread

    It is just a fact.

    6. They have an iron dome

    Whenever I see news and see rockets being fired, I wonder why more countries do not have the same Israeli air defence system? Shoot rocket out of the sky before they are able to land and hurt people.

    7. Have you read Elie Wiesel

    Some of the best books of all time.

    8. Albert Einstein

    Maybe WWII would have ended different without him.

    9. Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman

    Maybe they should run comedy. They have not molested anyone yet.

    10. Gal Gadot

    More Wonder Woman please

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