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Meet Mr. Samuel Hypochondrius (2 min 2 sec)

Samuel is 59 years old and afraid of the following:
  • Chronic conditions
  • Germs
  • Disease
  • Death
  • Other people
  • And just about everything else.

    1. His fear drives him to seek constant reassurance and medical attention in an attempt to alleviate his anxiety.

    2. He has one interest in life and that’s Samuel Hypochondrius.

    One preoccupation: The life and well-being of Samuel Hypochondrius.

    3. He harbors a singular preoccupation with societal matters.

    He often wonders how society would survive without him.

    4. Let's eavesdrop on a brief conversation between Dr. Know and Mr. Hypochondrius:

    Samuel: "Well, Doc, I asked you a question. How bad is it?"
    Doc: "Oh, it's not bad at all. In fact, it's quite good. You have no body temperature, and your blood pressure is normal. Your respiration and heartbeat are normal. You don't have any infections. Your ears, nasal passages, and throat are clear."
    Samuel: "Doc, what about the chronic pain in my back and sides? What about seven sleepless nights in a row? What's up with that, Doc?"
    Doc: "What about that? That, Mr. Hypochondrius, is psychosomatic."
    Samuel: "Doc, you mean to tell me I'm only sick in my mind?"
    Doc: "That is my professional opinion, Mr. Hypochondrius. There's nothing physically wrong with you except for these ailments you have created for yourself. Your pains are imaginary. Your inability to sleep is due to nerves, nothing more. In short, Mr. Hypochondrius, you're a very healthy man."

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