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Mindfulness Musings


    1. You are not your thoughts

    The thought generator is separate from the observer of those thoughts. The real you is the observer. This is crucial to opening up your life to all that it has to offer.

    2. A thought can pass through you without giving it attention

    See Idea #1. A thought that comes up does not define the observer.

    3. Unconscious programming from childhood rarely serves you in adulthood

    The thought patterns that drive us were downloaded by 7 years of age. There's a lot of reprogramming to do in adulthood. 

    4. The obstacle is the way

    If something is really hard or bothering you, maybe that's where the work is. Maybe that's right where you belong.

    5. Control is an illusion

    Do you remember asking to be born? We have free will. But ultimately there is no control over any events outside of yourself. Influence is possible. Full control is not. 

    6. Sit with the feeling

    The feelings come up and they may be uncomfortable. Try and sit with it for just a little bit. Where in your body do you feel it? Resist the temptation to grab your phone or watch Netflix or change the subject. Work through it. 

    7. Life is what you make of it

    We have limitless opportunities to reinvent ourselves, from moment to moment. You're never truly stuck if you have free will. 

    8. You cannot grow without being uncomfortable

    I hate when the discomfort comes up. I get mad. But that's where my growth occurs. True growth requires the alarm bells. They are yelling at you "This is not the norm, watch out, stay in your lane!" It causes physical discomfort, anxiety. Push through it and you will have new neural pathways.

    9. If you're not growing, you're dying

    There is a reason you are here. It is not to consume products for the benefit of corporations. Find your own way and do it the best you can. Anything less is a waste.

    10. Anger is fear

    This is a hard one for me. When anger comes up, I try to remind myself that the feeling is really based in fear. If I'm angry, what am I afraid of? 

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