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Steve Alvest


Minor annoyances

Every problem is an invention waiting to be discovered. However, some problems are just so minor that it's more like "chindogu" waiting to be created.

Minor annoyances

    1. When you pull the string to untie your shoes, and it knots up

    This usually happens when you're already in a hurry to get your shoes off.

    2. When your computer goes into screen saver mode just as you're about to use it again

    You just gotta keep jiggling the mouse, ya know?

    3. When your Post-it notes lose their stickiness and start falling off

    I usually have to write a new one or, as a last resort, stick it back on with tape.

    4. 4-way stops with 2 or more lanes on each side

    Whoever stops first goes first, but when you have 8 or more cars stopping at the intersection at the same time, who goes first?

    5. When my printer starts nagging me that I'm running out of ink, but there's really enough to last another few months

    They probably make most of their printer profits off of ink.

    6. When it's raining just light enough that an umbrella doesn't make sense, but just heavy enough that you'll get wet

    I went to college in the Appalachian Mountains and this kind of weather was common.

    7. When a container says "EASY OPEN: Tear Here," and you tear there and it doesn't work as advertised

    Just use scissors.

    8. When there's just a tiny bit of toothpaste left in the tube

    You gotta fight for it!

    9. When you go to the store for one item, then you buy a bunch of things and forget to buy the item you needed

    I had a great idea for this list, but I forgot it.

    10. When random people on the internet complain about minor annoyances and first-world problems


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