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"Miracles are seen in light." (1 min 44 sec)

    1. **Beyond Magic Tricks**

    Let's move away from thinking of miracles as magical events defying physical laws. Miracles are shifts in our perception that reveal the underlying love and peace that already exist.
    Imagine a beautiful painting hidden by a dusty cloth. Removing the cloth (changing our perception) reveals the beauty that was always there. Miracles work similarly, removing the "dust" of fear and judgment to reveal the truth.

    2. **Choosing a Different Filter**

    Each of us sees the world through a unique "filter" shaped by our beliefs and experiences. This filter colors everything we perceive, sometimes casting a shadow of negativity.
    We can choose a different filter, one based on love and forgiveness. This shift in perspective allows us to see miracles everywhere, like kindness in unexpected places or beauty in simple moments.

    3. **Everyday Magic**

    Miracles aren't limited to grand events. They happen in our daily lives when we choose love over fear, forgiveness over anger, and understanding over judgment.
    Look for "everyday miracles" – a moment of connection with a friend, a beautiful sunset, or even the act of taking a deep breath in a stressful situation. Each act of choosing love is a miracle in itself.

    4. **Inner peace and seeing miracles**

    When we are calm and centered, we are more open to seeing the good in the world and experiencing the miraculous in everyday moments.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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