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Nicola Fisher


Missing in action!

    1. Some sort of bug

    I started with a bug about a couple of weeks ago. A cough, fatigue. I was so tired I came home from work at lunchtime and went straight to bed. I didn't write a list.

    2. I froze my streak

    I hadn't done this before but it came in handy and meant that I could not worry about my lists. Although I felt less tired after day 1, I didn't have much energy.

    3. Working from home

    I wasn't so ill I couldn't work but I really didn't want to go into the office. One, I didn't want to pass around my bug, and it's always easier to work from home when you're under par than having to get ready and be 'on' in an office.

    4. I slept a lot

    I think I wrote one list and then froze again. I caught up on sleep and rested a lot.

    5. The cough

    I'm left with a cough now which is a lot better but still lingering. I went into work last week on Friday. By lunchtime I was done again and came home. Then had to go out again as there was a work-related emergency.

    6. Away

    Chris has an event this weekend so we're away. But hoping I can get back into the swing of things with my lists.

    7. In other news

    Loving Tana!

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