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MMO (making money online/offline) - Are you crystal clear?

  • You don't need an idea. (ideas are a dime a dozen)
  • You don't need cash. (there's always plenty of cash in the marketplace)
  • You don't need experience (don't let lack of experience thwart your efforts - experience is as experience does)
  • You don't need confidence. (confidence occurs naturally the more problems you solve)

    1. What exactly is it that you do?

    What is your irresistible offer?

    2. What "dream come true" experience can you create for someone?

    What "wow" experience are you able to consistently create?

    3. Who's the ideal candidate for your "dream come true" experience?

    Who do you intend to serve?
    It's easy to refer you when I know exactly who you're looking for.

    4. What segment of the market will you singularly focus on - for now?

    Single-mindedness. Target a single market. Example: neuticals for dogs.

    5. What specific problem are you solving?

    The only reason any business exists is to solve a problem in the marketplace.

    6. Does the problem already exist in the marketplace or are you hoping to manufacture one?

    Be compelling but not convincing. They either want what you have to offer or they don't.

    7. What conversation is already occurring in the prospect's mind that you can join?

    Enter the conversation that's already occurring in the prospect's mind.

    8. What one step can you take today that gets you closer to getting the first olive out of the jar?

    Those that talk a lot usually aren't walking because they're too busy talking. Those that are walking rarely utter a word because they are walking.

    9. Can you guarantee results or do you weasel out once you have the prospect's money if they don't get the results you promised?

    Did you solve the problem? Yes or no.

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