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Moderation is Not Necessarily a Good Thing

    1. The idea that moderation of habits/behaviors that are known to be bad for you is common - that cheating is ok once in awhile

    2. What most do not understand (in relation to common lifestyle diseases) is that every meal you eat is an opportunity to retain disease by rationalizing that “moderation” won’t hurt your system

    3. Likewise, every meal you eat is an opportunity to get on the health spectrum, improve your health & maintain it

    4. By eating more raw, whole plant foods, greens & berries you provide the building blocks your body needs to keep you healthy

    5. Ultra processed foods (manufactured, even if “plant-based”) are terrible for you!

    6. The Standard American Diet is terrible for you!

    7. It’s almost impossible to be really healthy if you only eat processed foods

    8. Restaurant eating generally uses ingredients which do not contribute to your health

    9. If you order out/eat out you may think it’s just easier, but when your health starts to suffer you will be forced to acknowledge the truth

    10. However, most will just continue to rationalize their behavior because “moderation” was sold as an easy way to live

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