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I got cut short earlier and wanted to share even more of my notes.

    1. Studying

    I use to be a teacher I gathered these tips over the years.  These could also be used if you want to learn something faster yourself.  I managed to memories and teach a taikwando routine in 30minutes due to asking questions, rather than reciting from memory.  Questions help link the material to different parts of the brain, strengthening your ability to retain it.

    Free recall - after studying have students write down /say everything that they can remember learning in class. This helps them remember the most important points 

    Teach focus by getting kids to focus on breathing before class. Start small and slowly work up to focusing for longer. 

    Students need to teach a friend /family member what they learned. This puts their skills to good use but also helps spread the word and lead to more customers. 

    Ask students to think about words associated to a professor. Prime their minds for thinking smart before the test 

    Anki - flashcards 

    Instead of taking notes take questions. This forces you to think and answer making the content stick faster. 

    Have the kids explain /teach the lesson at home. We tend to think more and simplify when we explain /teach. This process will help us understand more. 

    Read numberplate on order to review letters and numbers. 

    Let them know why it's useful and how they can use it in their lives 

    Talk to the students about what being good means. At the end of class ask them what they did was good and reward them if you agree that it was good. If being good is too easy, set out values and ask how they showed those values during class. 

    Shoot hoops to count numbers 

    Play pool to learn colours 

    Early wins are critical for momentum 

    We build on success so start off easy. When you succeed you feel good and want to try more. When you fail you feel bad and so try less. 

    Have kids write the reasons why they're studying. If they know why they'll be much more productive in learning the language. 

    Linking makes remembering easier. So ask lots of questions and link the new vocab to as many previous things as you can. The big gray animal with big ears will make remembering Elephant easier 

    Make it meaningful. When they have a reason, an aim they'll work harder to achieve that aim. 

    If you want your kid to get better at reading have lots of books and encourage reading in there free time. Reading increases there vocabulary and as most people don't read, doing this consistently will amount to a huge gap by the time they are adults. 

    Is it possible to use the subconscious to learn? Ask it a difficult question. Rest in it and get a big insight when it works out the answer. 

    Students don't want to spend any longer than 2 minutes on a problem. Give them small 30 second tasks (or less) daily to get them into a good habit pushing their problem solving time to a higher number. 

    Stakes - donate money to something you hate. Unless you achieve your study goal. 

    Draw - it forces you to focus and think. The more you focus the more likely you are to remember it. 

     The best way to learn a skill is to teach it. 

    The more effort you put into something the more you will remember it. 

    Get as many of your 5 sences involved as you can.

    When reading highlight. This gets your arms involved, your eyes. You can read it out loud to get your hearing involved.

    What does it remind me of?

    Encouraged practice in all fields. Composition. Praise.if they get praise for doing good they'll do more good. Avoid punishment as this might scare them off even trying. 

    2. Negotiate

    Make the pie bigger so everyone comes out feeling like a winner.


    This trick works for anything from getting someone to clean the dishes to getting more money for your work.

    Keep adding more to the pie until everyone is happy with there slice.

    Offer them more I'll do the dishes, and ____ if you do ______. I'll do ______ and ______ as well as my current job for £_______. Just keep adding (on both sides) until both sides are happy with the deal.

    When both sides are happy future deals are a lot easier to negotiate, if one side feels unfairly treated they'll tell of your unfair ways and you'll lose trust not just with them but their friends as well. 

    3. Staff

    People need to know their purpose. And how their individual work matters to the bigger picture.

    Ask them to think about it and come up with their own answers. Help them to expand the list. The more they feel they matter the happier they will be. And you knowing that you're staff matter will lead to a closer bond and a more solid team.

    People need to be working towards something otherwise depression will hit. So make sure you talk to staff about where they'd like to be in a year. Then make sure they have something small they can do each day that helps lead to that goal. Doesn't need to be work related as they will associate their progress with you /work and all that happiness will come back to harder working staff.

    You should want people to grow to the point they can run their own business . Make them love the company so they open their own branch and you continue to make money off them. 

    4. Mission Statement

    You're mission statement is the reason you get up every morning and the reason you continue to push forward no matter how tough life gets. What is the unique thing that you can bring to the world? Why is your job important? 

    Eg I will create a new path that others can follow.

    I will destroy depression and spread meaning and purpose to people

    Its up to you. Knowing why you're doing something (even living) will keep you moving forward and stop you from feeling worthless /depressed.


    If you own a business make sure your work has a mission statement/higher purpose that everyone who works their knows and make sure they know how their small part makes a difference to the whole company. If you make people feel important and they know why they do the work they do you'll have a much happier and more productive work environment.

    The higher purpose needs to be woven into the company. A constant reminder that everyone is working towards something bigger. 

    5. Problems

    Listen to what the problem is then ask questions that will help lead them to an answer /solution. Easy.

    A lot of problems are based on mindset. Eg I was really upset to see every other teacher get praise and mentions in social media from all the Chinese staff. No matter how hard I tried, nothing. It was killing me I grew so much and noone seemed to care. So after my depressed stage I brought it up and it turns out that the only reason there being posted is for marketing. They need new students and by showing them at their best there more likely to get them to sign up for there class. I had full classes and it was rare that kids leave so I didn't need to be marketed. So what I'm saying is talk and show people theirs more than 1 way of viewing a situation. Then ask questions to make sure they know why the other view is a better view of the world.

    But what if the problem is another staff member. Let them know their both working towards the same goal. Their a team and each individual matters. Have them talk about their problems and have them trying to reduce whatever it is that annoys the other member. And ask them to start small. Make it so easy that they will always do it. These small easy wins will lead to them doing it more, happily. Asking people to stop doing something fast makes them feel bad, angry and upset. If they do stop they'll hold resentment and won't work as hard.

    If a problem is so big that it causes trouble for lots of people get rid of them. If you have tried to deal with it and things haven't gotten better you need to let them go. The negativity that they bring isn't worth whatever money they bring into the school. Other staff members will work harder as thanks for getting rid of the negativity. 

    6. Exercise

    Encourage exercise. Exercise and diet are the quickest way to make people feel happier. When people are happy they are more productive, why? Because they want to make sure they never lose the happiness.

    Japan has daily workouts as a team before work. If you all do yoga together or any group exercise they will associate the benefits of feeling good after exercise with the team and work.

    Buy them something that will help remind them to exercise (yoga mats are cheep). Then they will be reminded that they should stay healthy and every time they use it they will be associating the good feeling with work.

    Do a group cycle. This can help with advertising (if you all wear uniform) and like before it leads to everyone feeling like a team and associating happy feeling with the team. 

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