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More comic scripts

More scripts for future 'The Rocco Effect' comics.

    1. Rules

    1. Gather rules for your life

    2. When something works out well take note and make a new rule

    3. When things don't go as intended adjust your rules

    4.Make this a lifelong persute

    5. With each new rule your life gets easier

    6. These comics are my rules, what's yours?

    2. Priorities

    1. How should you priorities?

    2. My health, Me, Family, Friends, Community, Rest of the world

    3. If your sick/dead you're of little use

    4. If you put others ahead of you, you'll soon snap

    5. And if you put outsiders ahead of those closest to you. They'll not be close for long.

    6. If you ever have to choose, use this list and you'll be winning again in no time.

    3. Rich

    1. If you wherew a billionaire what would you do?

    2. Chances are those things won't come close to costing a billion.

    3. How much would it cost?

    4. With a little saving could you do anything on that list, this year?

    5. If that's your dream life, do it.

    6. When you're old and gray you'll be glad you did.

    4. Everything is awesome

    1. Our surroundings affect how we feel

    2. So if we reframe everything to be awesome, we'll feel awesome

    3. Some things are hard to see in an awesome light, but most things are tricky at worse

    4. If something isn't awesome ask yourself 'How could this be seen as awesome?

    5. Your subconscious will kick into gear and before long will return with an answer

    6. Is the situation helping you grow? Are you mind reading? Are you exaggerating?

    5. Stories

    1. Stories help us simplify the world

    2. They take out clutter and focus on what's important

    3. They show us the consequences of certain actions

    4. They allow us to think of what we would do, in similar circumstances

    5. The more stories we consume, the better equipted we will be to tackle the world

    6. What stories had the biggest impact on you?

    6. Teach

    1. Weither we'rre activly doing it or not, we're teaching

    2. Good or bad. We're an exaple to others.

    3. If we want to be a good example. Be aware of what others are learning from us.

    4. Are our actions worth copying? Does our thinking process lead to better outcomes?

    5. Teaching also helps us understand the subject better.

    6. Where will people end up if they follow your teachings?

    7. Judge ideas, not people

    1. Everyone wants the best outcome

    2. Ideas usally differ in how to get there.

    3. Make sure others know you both want the same thing, then discuss how to get there.

    4. Focus on flaws in the idea, not the person

    5. You'll end up with much better outcomes

    6. Changing ideas is easy, changing ourselves is hard. If change is what you seek, judge ideas, not people.

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