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More Funny Headlines Related To Entrepreneurship


And if you like them, I would finally reach lasting well-being if you subscribed to my newsletter:

I won't just share funny stuff, I will also post tips on how to add humor to your content. I haven't posted anything yet as I'm hoping to get my first few subscribers first, hopefully from NotePD :) But you do get a free e-book with some humor writing tips when you become a subscriber!

Some of the things I'll cover in my newsletter when it comes to humor tips: essential joke writing methods; how do you know when something is funny?; can anyone be funny?; mistakes to avoid; how to do dark humor without ruining your career; ...

I'm also open to feedback about the bio, the logo, the welcome email, etc.

Anyway, here are some funny headlines that might make it to the newsletter in the near future. These are raw, so they might need work.

    1. Capitalist Pig Gets Off On Making People Richer

    2. Entrepreneur Excited To Move To Austin To Find People To Negatively Compare Himself To

    3. Study Shows No Problems Left For Entrepreneurs To Solve

    4. Man Only Listening To Woman's Problems To Find Business Ideas

    5. Scientists Find Perfect Yacht Size To Finally Be Happy

    6. Hypocritical Andrew Huberman Has Late Afternoon Mochaccino Under Hot Shower

    7. "I Fucking Love It", Says Gary Vee To Man Robbing, Stabbing Him

    or something like that.

    8. Man Has Great Idea For Uber-Like App For People Who Have Ideas For Uber-Like Apps

    9. Woman's Sense Of Purpose Finally Monetized

    or: Woman's Purpose Happens To Be Highly Monetizable

    10. Gary Vee Desperately Trying To Re-Sell Intern He Found At Garage Sale

    11. Man's Life Purpose Probably Not Dropshipping Penis Pumps

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