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More things to avoid

    1. A cubicle

    Hope to never sit in one again...

    2. An open office space

    Hard to focus. This is why many prefer to work from home.

    3. Too many subscription services

    Haven't had a cable subscription in about 10 years. Now, we have too many streaming services that are not that good. It might make sense to cancel all of them, and then only sign up when you really want to watch something. Then, binge that show/movie and cancel again.

    4. Credit Card Debt

    Could the American economy survive without credit cards? Use them if you pay them off every month, and take advantage of the points and perks. Otherwise, be very careful.

    5. Shiny objects

    I don't know one person with a flashy new sports car or expensive watch that I admire or aspire to be like. Now, people that own antique cars, that's a different story...

    6. Wedding rings

    This is such a scam. My partner did get a very nice lab-made ring. It wasn't cheap, but it was thousands less than a mined diamond and it is better quality.

    7. Living in skyscrapers

    I just don't think humans should be stacked on top of one another. We have all lived in apartments/buildings at one point, but try and find a place that is more peaceful, eventually.

    8. Idolizing celebrities

    Most of them are morons or crazy. Yes, they are beautiful. Don't buy their products, watch their reality shows, or listen to their politics. They are not smarter/better than you. It's ok to admire their art and watch their movies. Don't put them on a pedestal.

    9. A new phone

    10 years ago, the new phone had a lot more functionality. Now, a 4-year-old iPhone does everything the new one does. Don't waste your money, unless you have money to waste.

    10. Doing things you don't like

    Yes, when you are starting out in something, you'll have to grind. If the grind is worth it for you, keep going. If not, make sure you are devoting your time wisely. You only get one shot!

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