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Motivations To Stay Fit

    1. For yourself part 1

    So you live longer.

    2. For yourself part 2

    Every aspect of life is easier when you're in at least decent shape.

    3. For yourself part 3

    To be able to do the things you most enjoy for as long as possible.

    4. For your loved ones

    In most instances your loved ones would rather you were around as long as possible.

    5. For your spouse or partner

    This will be harsh but I would prefer my wife not be repulsed by the site of me or wondering what the hell happened. Yes, if they love you it shouldn't matter but I also would rather not put that to the test.

    Also no one wants "sorry honey, Grandpa can't do that anymore" to pertain to them.

    6. Who are you setting an example for?

    Kids if you have them, yes. Maybe siblings who struggle with their health, maybe co-workers, in my case I am very motivated by the idea that the chief of a small fire department should be able to get it done which is advice I got when I first became chief. Fortunately I was already living that.

    7. Maximize your optionality

    You have no idea what the future you will want to do or have to do, it would be nice to the optionality for the things you can't see coming.

    8. You will save a lot of money

    Most people begin to accumulate prescriptions in their 50's, often their 40's. These are often for lifelong management of chronic maladies. Being fit and eating right is our best shot for no such prescriptions which can save thousands of dollars every year for the rest of your life.

    Cutting carbs will reverse many chronic maladies.

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