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Musicians With Underrated YouTube Channels

There are a few giants that should be mentioned but they are not "underrated:"

Rick Beato - a college professor, producer, performer and all around musical polymath. Has interviewed many aging legends recently and also has posts about music theory and "everything music." @RickBeato

Scott Devine - Scott's Bass Lessons. Genuinely entertaining, a great bass player. His bass academy course (with many legends giving lessons) costs $200 a year and he mentioned that he had 100,000 students. That is a $20,000,000-a-year music lesson business! @devinebass

Rob Scallon - 2.5 million subscribers he has been at this for over 10 years. He does a lot of collaborations and has some fascinating longer videos where he does experiments and tours cathedrals to show their bells and pipe organs. He also does heavy metal using banjos, ukeleles, and sitars. @robscallon

Musicians With Underrated YouTube Channels

    1. Marshall Harrison - guitar

    @RozarSmacco/videos" target="_blank"> @RozarSmacco/videos

    Marshall has an odd on-camera presence, but his guitar playing is incredible. He's so good and explains what he is doing. He also does advanced math explanations of calculus, and once in a blue moon, he will play Chopin on the piano.

    2. Jim Lill - guitar and experiments

    @JimLill" target="_blank"> @JimLill

    Jim is an excellent guitarist, but one of the things he does on his channel is extreme experiments to get iconic tones or figure out why certain guitars have sustain and other ones don't. He will spend months making a video comparing different speaker cabinets or making guitar bodies to see how it affects the guitar's tone. Very entertaining!

    3. Adam Neely - bass and music theory

    @AdamNeely" target="_blank"> @AdamNeely

    I don't know if you could consider him to be under rated anymore, he has nearly 2,000,000 subscribers. He has an extremely nerdy channel of deep dives into music theory, and other subjects with an academic slant. He also does blogs from the road as an independent touring musician and shows everything behind the scenes. Fascinating.

    4. Greg Koch - guitar

    Only 31k subscribers! Greg livestreams often and is a frighteningly good blues-rock guitarist with an irreverent sense of humor. He is a professional educator and does a lot of education on his music channel. He also has bands and does product demos and things like that.

    5. Charles Berthoud - bass

    A "bedroom bass player" with a corny sense of humor who is incredibly good: maybe one of the best living bass players good. He has 1.6 million subscribers so maybe he is not underrated anymore.

    He is also very creative: here is a video where he slaps a grand piano and makes a whole song:

    6. Emily Hopkins - harp

    @emilyharpist" target="_blank"> @emilyharpist

    She does a lot with the harp including demonstrating effects and playing video game soundtracks.

    7. David Hilowitz Music

    @DavidHilowitzMusic" target="_blank"> @DavidHilowitzMusic

    Part music and part science. He does things like make his own synthesizers. He also does recording and other interesting things.

    8. Michael Angelo Batio

    One of the shreddiest guitarists of the 1980s and a genuinely nice and interesting guy. His channel talks about guitar technique and also occasionally entrepreneurship and mindset.

    Famous for being able to play with both hands at once!


    9. Andy Wood Music

    @andywoodmusic" target="_blank"> @andywoodmusic

    One of the most versatile guitar players around and one of the best. His channel is primarily educational.

    10. Mattias Krantz - mostly piano

    @Mattiaskrantz" target="_blank"> @Mattiaskrantz

    He does fun experiments like filling a piano with water, putting hardware store hammers on a piano, tuning all of the notes to E or making a motorized guitar. Great content for YouTube.

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