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My 10 Favorite Books from 2021 and Why

In the past year, I read a couple new books and went back and re-read some old favorites - Here's my list and something I learned from each one.


    1. 1. Win Bigly - Scott Adams

    The Persuasion techniques of previous president Donald Trump.

    Adams uses many fascinating examples (like Trump or hate him)

    It opened my eyes to using persuasion and psychology for winning people to your side.

    2. Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom

    How should we deal with death - and can we celebrate people while they are still living?

    Morrie had “Living Funerals” - where friends and family would come over and celebrate him to his face - before he passed.

    I loved this idea.

    3. The Creative License - Danny Gregory

    Danny is one of my favorite artists.

    He reminds us that we are created beings. And Created beings... Create!

    We are built to make things and everyone is creative.

    4. Writing Down the Bones - Natalie Goldberg.

    I love Natalies Stories...

    And the way she finds them is 'Writing Practice'.

    This book is a Master Class in getting words and stories onto the page, and keeping your hand moving.

    5. The Artists Way - Julia Cameron

    Another Classic on Creativity and Writing.

    Julia Cameron is a cheerleader for Morning Pages (3 pages longhand first thing in the morning)...

    ...And for the Artist Date (taking yourself out to feed your creativity)

    6. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still win Big - Scott Adams.

    Scott Preaches Systems over Goals.

    My challenge: Figuring out my own systems!

    He also tells compelling stories about his battle with Spasmodic Dysphonia - and how he overcame it.

    7. Leadership - Tom Peters.

    Tom Peters has a punchy way of writing.

    To the Point.
    Short Sentences.
    Lots of Bullets and Lists and Exclamation Points!

    I love that his writing is not "Typical" and uses lots of flourishes to make his points with color and font.

    This particular book can fit in your back pocket.

    8. The Little Yellow Book of Yes Attitude - Jeffrey Gitomer

    Another favorite author because of his writing style.

    Gitomer is a sales guru, but also loves lists, motivating with quotes, punctuation and punchy thoughts with lots of white space on the page.

    I love the lists and the .5 bonus that Gitomer always provides!

    9. Dangerous Wonder - Mike Yaconelli.

    One of my favorite Faith authors.

    Mike loved to let everyone know that you don't have to be perfect to be a believer in Christ.

    10. Orbiting the Giant Hairball - Gordon Mackenzie.

    Gordon Mackenzie's Book was the first one I read (and like to re-read) that helped me realize a book doesn't have to be all words.

    I love the quirky-ness of Mackenzies thoughts.

    11. Reinvent Yourself - James Altucher

    Of Course! James' Reinvent Yourself was relevant for me last year.

    I'm in a season of reinvention and this book was a much needed kick in the backside!

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