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My 10 Favorite Places to Get Lost

I go to these places when I want to slow time and get lost.


    1. Daydreaming

    Daydreaming has been one of my favorite pastimes since I was a kid. I created so many stories, built and manoeuvered so many space ship, and one the heart of princesses in my walks. If I only took note of everything I daydreamed :)

    2. A math problem

    Not anymore, but I used to get lost in olympiad level math problems.

    3. A great movie

    A nice thrill or a fantasy would get me fixated on the screen. Oh, and Hangover.

    4. A nice book

    I may spend a long time on one passage. I get lost in my thoughts as I visualize the meaning and try to see how it can be applied.

    5. A bookstore

    Any bookstore. In Tokyo, I go to Maruzen or Kinokuniya.


    6. Solving problems

    I can get lost in a great problem to solve. Especially if it involves building software :)

    7. A quote

    I love a prompt to ponder. Quotes are perfect for pondering.

    8. Souks, Bazaars or Markets

    Streets of Fes or Tanger, Souks of Istambul, and the Floating market in Bangkok are some of the places I love to get lost in.


    9. A date

    A night walk at the beach!

    10. Fishing

    I get lost fishing. Mostly daydreaming while fish tease me. I do catch sometimes :)

    11. A chocolate cake

    Who doesn't?

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