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My 2023 Financial Accounts

Your account form the base of your financial success. They can make or break your success.

Do your homework and choose your accounts carefully and then do not change them unless you absolutely must.

    1. Robinhood - ROTH IRA

    I only use this for the retirement account. They match 1% of the funds you add to the account. Which means if you max out the account at $6,500 they will be putting in $65 in 2023.

    2. Fidelity - HSA

    Lowest fees. Easiest to use and they have the most investment options for an HSA account. Many of the other HSA providers charge high fees.

    3. PrimeK - work 401k

    My work match up to 3% I believe so I do not really have a choice with this account.

    They really are not that bad, they just charge fees, which add up over time, for using the account like so many other 401k providers.

    4. Coinbase - crypto

    I opened this account because they were giving away crypto if you took mini classes, so I still have a crypto portfolio of random coins. Of course right now it is getting killed, but maybe this is a good time to be buying up crypto to hold for the long run.

    5. Fidelity - Business stock account

    You can open an investment account under your business name.

    6. M1 - Stock account

    This is my primary stock investment account. You create a 'pie' of stocks and then add money on a regular basis. No fees. Great software.

    7. Ally - Savings Account

    This is where I keep my emergency savings.

    8. Kiva - Global micro lending

    Love this one.

    You add money and then you choose people around the world that you want to lend money to. And then people pay back the loans with interest and you relend. Over time you can really lend more and more.

    Great cause. Great use of money.

    9. Venmo - sending money

    Peer to peer transactions

    10. Personal Capital - Net Worth

    This is the best place to track my net worth.

    11. Wells Fargo - Checking Account

    Not the greatest organization. But I have had them forever and they do have a good number of banking services.

    12. YNAB - Budgeting

    The best budgeting software

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