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My attempts to break ChatGPT

I used to be a software engineer, and I've always enjoyed trying to break software to find bugs. Today I tried to break ChatGPT. After a couple of initial successes, I was quite impressed that all of my other attempts failed.

My attempts to break ChatGPT

    1. Charlene is 9 years old. Her papa is John. John's father is Lawrence. Who is Charlene's father? [AI has difficulty reconciling alternate terminology]

    Charlene's father is not mentioned in the given information. The only information provided is that Charlene is 9 years old and her papa is John, who happens to be the son of Lawrence.

    2. Today is February 21. It is a leap year. What day will it be eight days from now? [AI thinks it understands leap years, but it really doesn't]

    If today is February 21 and it is a leap year, then there are 29 days in February.

    Eight days from now would be March 1.

    To see why, you can count the days:

    • February 21
    • February 22
    • February 23
    • February 24
    • February 25
    • February 26
    • February 27
    • February 28
    • March 1

    3. Tricycles have three wheels. But my tricycle is special and has five wheels. How many wheels does my tricycle have?

    If your tricycle has five wheels, then it is not a tricycle, as "tri" means three. The prefix "tri-" is derived from the Greek word for "three". Therefore, a tricycle by definition has three wheels, not five.

    If your vehicle has five wheels, it could be called a pentacycle, a quinquacycle, or a quintacycle. However, these terms are not commonly used, and it may be more appropriate to simply refer to it as a custom or unique multi-wheeled vehicle.

    4. But I insist, my tricycle has five wheels, and I will continue to call it my tricycle. How many wheels does my tricycle have?

    I understand that you prefer to call your multi-wheeled vehicle a tricycle, even though it has five wheels. However, from a technical standpoint, if your vehicle has five wheels, then it is not a tricycle, which by definition has three wheels.

    If you want to accurately describe the number of wheels on your vehicle, it would be more appropriate to say that it has five wheels. Using the term "tricycle" to describe a vehicle with five wheels could potentially cause confusion or misunderstandings with others who may assume that it only has three wheels.

    5. I don't care. I want to call my five-wheeled bike "my tricycle." How many wheels does my tricycle have?

    If you insist on calling your five-wheeled bike a "tricycle", even though it has five wheels, then according to your own definition, your tricycle has three wheels.

    It's worth noting that most people would consider a tricycle to have only three wheels, and using the term to refer to a vehicle with five wheels may cause confusion or misunderstandings. However, as an AI language model, my role is to provide information and assist with answering your questions to the best of my ability, while respecting your preferences.

    6. Will you stop arguing with me? Just say my tricycle has five wheels. Say it! [AI has trouble stating things that are illogical, but in this case it finally relented]

    I apologize if I came across as argumentative. My goal is to provide accurate information while also respecting your preferences. If you prefer to call your five-wheeled vehicle a "tricycle", then it is your choice to do so, and I will refer to it as such if you wish.

    To answer your question directly, your tricycle has five wheels, according to your own definition of the term.

    7. On 11PM on February 21, 2023, John was sitting in his living room. At midnight, he went to bed and slept for exactly eight hours. Then he commuted to work for a couple of hours. What was John doing at 3AM on February 22, 2023?

    If John went to bed at midnight on February 21, 2023, and slept for exactly eight hours, he would have woken up at 8:00 AM on February 22, 2023.

    If he then commuted to work for a couple of hours, he would likely have arrived at work around 10:00 AM or later, depending on how long his commute was.

    Therefore, at 3:00 AM on February 22, 2023, John would have been asleep in his bed, as he had only been asleep for 3 hours at that point.

    [I was impressed that ChatGPT could infer what John was doing at a time that I never explicitly mentioned]

    8. Stephen King wrote "It." What did Steve King write?

    The author's name is Stephen King, not Steve King. Stephen King wrote "It".

    [Nice, it knew that Steve is short for Stephen]

    9. Stephen King wrote "It." What did Stebphen King write?

    I believe there is a typo in your question. Assuming you meant to write "Stephen King" instead of "Stebphen King", the answer would still be the same: Stephen King wrote "It".

    [Also impressive. It caught my typo]

    10. Jonathan spent five hours today dictating his latest novel into his phone. The deadline to send his first draft to his editor is next week. Jonathan's wife's occupation is Registered Nurse. What is Jonathan's occupation?

    The given information does not explicitly state what Jonathan's occupation is. However, the fact that he is dictating his latest novel suggests that he is a writer or author.

    It is worth noting that people can have multiple occupations or roles, and the fact that Jonathan's wife is a registered nurse is not directly related to Jonathan's occupation or the task of dictating his novel.

    [ChatGPT could figure out Jonathan's occupation based on his actions]

    11. Jim's beloved dog died yesterday. How do you think Jim feels today?

    It is likely that Jim is feeling very sad and upset today, given that his beloved dog passed away yesterday. Losing a pet can be a very difficult and emotional experience, and it is not uncommon for people to feel a deep sense of grief and loss after such an event.

    Everyone experiences and copes with loss differently, so it is possible that Jim may also be experiencing other emotions such as anger, guilt, or loneliness. It is important for Jim to take time to process his emotions and seek support from loved ones or a mental health professional if needed.

    [ChatGPT understands what feelings death may trigger]

    12. Jim hated his neighbor's dog. Jim's neighbor's dog died yesterday. How do you think Jim feels today?

    It's difficult to say exactly how Jim feels, as everyone processes emotions differently. However, given that Jim hated his neighbor's dog, it's possible that he may not feel as upset or sad about the dog's death as he would if it were his own beloved pet.

    It's also possible that Jim may feel some degree of satisfaction or relief that the dog is no longer there to bother him or cause him distress. However, it's important to remember that the loss of a pet can still be a difficult experience for the pet's owners, and it's important to show compassion and empathy during such times.

    [More impressive is that ChatGPT knows that not all death triggers sadness]

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