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My Dumbest Ideas

    1. A Pet Octopus

    Between always loving these fascinating creatures and recent content like "My Octopus Teacher" (Netflix documentary), I began to wonder what it would be like to have a pet octopus. While it is feasible, they generally have a lifespan of less than a year, which would bum me out if I got attached to the creature.

    2. Founding my own Martial Art

    As Parkour gained a foot hold in the mainstream public consciousness, I began to think about how it applies to self-defence scenarios - you can outrun and evade an attacker. What if it was taught in conjunction with say, jiu-jitsu techniques to escape common holds and attacks (wrist grabs, bear-hugs, etc) and even however American Football Running Backs avoid getting tackled? Package it all up and call it 'Skirmish'.

    3. Trying to repair a defective external hard drive

    ...while it was still powered on. Ouch.

    4. Confessing an unrequited crush over the phone

    At the time, it felt like I couldn't hold it in anymore, but what was the best-case scenario? Romantic moments are best done in person, and the rejection couldn't have been any worse.

    5. Making my own garlic bread from scratch

    One clove of garlic for one slice of bread is too much... I smelled of garlic for days, no matter how much I brushed my teeth or showered.

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