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My faith in random people has been restored. At least for now.

It was supposed to be a 3 hr.flight. 14hrs and 2 airplanes later, myself and 200 new friends finally arrived at our destination.

    1. The passengers spent almost an hour on board the plane with the door closed but still at the gate.

    And no explanations given by the crew.

    2. We then pushed back from the gate but stopped again.

    And with a fully booked flight, no one was comfortable being strapped in just to go nowhere.

    3. We finally got an update from the cockpit.

    One engine wouldn't start but we've diagnosed the problem and it is a quick fix.

    4. So after sitting through the repairs, we again buckled in and pushed back from the gate.

    You guessed it. Wouldn't start. But we can MacGyver it!

    5. So after several tries and almost 3 hrs the passengers were asked to deplane but stick close because we could be ready again at any time.

    6. We got a new plane.

    At about 5 hrs into our 3 hr "flight" the passengers were asked to immediately report to a different gate for a prompt departure.

    7. And then endured another 90 minute delay before being allowed to board.

    8. Time to go.

    Only this time there are weather and traffic delays. 

    9. Another 2 plus hours of waiting.

    Strapped and squeezed in. No A/C because the engines are shut off. The wait was so long the pilot had to conserve fuel or we wouldn't have enough reserve to legally fly.

    10. Trying to make up time

    The pilot explained that we would take "every short cut available" which meant flying through instead of around the weather. Plenty of turbulence. Bearable, not dangerous. But it did mean seatbelts stay on and no cabin service.

    11. We made it!

    Almost 9 hrs late.

    12. None of the passengers got visibly upset

    Or took out their frustrations on each other.

    13. The crew handled it very professionally.

    Despite not having answers to give. And the answers they did have weren't what the passengers wanted.

    14. Even while dealing with personal issues.

    The flight attendants were dealing with the same conditions as the passengers (and the resulting chaos in their life) but with additional burden of being responsible for everyone's safety.

    15. Well done by Everyone.

    16. Or perhaps we’ve just all become complacent Sheeple🙁

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