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My favorite beverages

Just a random idea list here. What are my favorite drinks.  

    1. Cherry Dr Pepper

    Dr Pepper reminds me of my childhood and my grandmother who always had it around when we visited. I've become an even bigger fan of the cherry version. 

    2. A good cup of coffee in the morning.

    Coffee in the morning or a one of my oldest habits. I'm still seeking the perfect cup and tend to change brews regularly. Right now I've been hooked on a local roaster morning blend from Peru. 

    3. A bold red wine

    I like to explore red wine from around the globe. Spanish garnacha, California Cabernet or Zinfandel, French Bordeaux or cote du Rhône, even blends from South Africa. I love Cabernet franc when I can find it. I try to keep it to about $20-$25 per bottle. 

    4. Crisp white wine

    I'm less discerning here with an open mind (and palate). I like Italian whites Falungina), Spanish whites, New Zealand Sauvignon blanc, French vouvray and Pinot blanc, Alsace reisling, and champagne on occasion. Love white from the NY finger lakes area. California Chardonnay (unoaked) is lower on my list but will drink it with the right food. A favorite of mine is a white Pinot noir, an unusual white but very good. 

    5. Seltzer with lime on ice.

    Low calorie, bubbles, citrus, refreshing. Especially great when I don't want alcohol at a dinner or event. 

    6. Hazy IPAs

    Love the hazy ipa beers. 

    7. Sprite cranberry

    Not common, but love it when I can find it. 

    8. Mojito

    When summer comes around and I have mint from my garden, I crave mojitos. 

    9. Coffee Fribble

    Friendly s is the ice cream stir of my youth and one if the only places where a coffee milkshake is not considered weird. Love the coffee fribble. 

    10. Frozen margarita

    No explanation needed. 
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