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My Favourite Things! (Manga/Comics)

It's been a long time since I've read any of these, so I may get some details wrong.  If they're good enough to be remembered it's a good sign I enjoyed them.

    1. Battle Royale

    I loved the movie.  The book didn't seem like my sort of thing, but the manga peaked my interest.  The biggest downside was the art style I found it really nasty (that was until I saw the follow ups art style.  Disgusting! ). 

    It's a story about a group of schol kid's stuck on an island with only one way off, kill everyone else.

    I loved this manga.  If you can get past the art and how grotesque it can be it's a really good read.

    2. Naruto/Bleach

    I never read one piece hence why it's not included.  

    These were the biggest mangas of their time.  Both great.  Narutos about a ninja and bleach is about death gods.  If you know anything about manga you've heard of these, doubt I could add anything.  Just read them.  You'll be glad you did.

    3. Death Note

    Modern day Sherlock Holmes.  Genuis against genius.  One finds a magical notebook that allows him to kill anyone with just the knowledge of their name.  The others a top detective hunting down the owner of the magical notebook.

    One of my favourite stories.  

    4. Gantz

    This was amazing.  Got even better then wasted my time for over a year only to finish with the worst possible ending ever.  It's hard to recommend, but If you stop when the giant aliens arrive and come up with your own ending that ties everything together I guarantee that it will be 100X better than the official ending.

    After dieing people get transported to a room, get given weapons and are then transported to a random location and are tasked with killing an alien for points.  

    5. 20th Century Boys

    My favourite story.  I've spoken about it before.  Just read this it's great.

    6. Shaman king

    A boy that can talk to ghosts compeates in the shaman king tournament to become god.  Silly premise, but it's great.  Highly recommend.

    The new anime is under 30 episodes if you'd rather consume it all in a faster time.

    7. Scott Pilgrim

    The movie cut out so many good stories.  The comics are defenetly the best way to consume this story.  It's all about character development.

    If you're even remotely geeky give this a read you'll see a lot of yourself in it.

    8. Trigun

    One of my favourite anime.  The manga goes so much deeper.  The story is wild it's not always easy to tell what's going on as so much goes on in each manga panel.  This is mostly action rather than actually story so it's no big deal, but it does take you out of the story every so often.
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