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My Favourite Things! (Movies/TV)

Looks like i'll have to make a part 2. I've so many movies and tv shows that i want to share with everyone.

    1. Afro Samurai

    Samual L Jackson's in this anime. It's about a samurai who wants to kill his fathers murderer, but in order to do that he needs to gain the no.2 headband. It's silly logic, but it's taken seriously in the show. The animation is great and you'll get a few laughs out of it as well. It's by no means my favourite anime, but i did find it enjoyable.

    2. Blackadder goes Forth

    The actor that played MR.Bean first played Blackadder. I was trying to think of the best series for newcomers and i think the forth wins. Each series is set in a different time period. Forth is set during WW1. It's a silly comedy. If you're looking for a laugh check it out.

    3. Freakazoid!

    One of my favourite cartoons from the 90's yet everyone seems to forget about it. It was part of the Steven Speilberg animations. A geek accidentally gets all the knowledge of the internet crammed into his brain, as a result he becomes freakazoid. Really silly and fun. If you like animation and comedy you'll love this.

    4. Blue Mountain State

    My friend recommended this 'It's about a group of American Football players. It's really funny you'll love it' but i'm not an American football fan. I don't like watching sports at all, why would i like this. Reluctantly i watched the first episode, then the second, and third, i was hooked. The football side is a very small factor, most of it is a comedy about the popular kids. It was a nice change as most comedies i watch focus on the losers. Very American pie like. I really enjoyed this series. Highly recomend.

    5. Adventure Time - Fiona And Cake

    Adventure Time is a great series. This was a short miniseries about an alternative reality. I really enjoyed it. Short and sweet.

    6. Bobs Burgers

    It might be the best adult animation at the moment. Definitely up at the top along side south park. It's got the heart that's been missing from a lot of these shows for a long time. Reminds me of early Simpsons. Just watch this, you'll be glad you did.

    7. Bottom

    A comedy about 2 losers. Its crude at times, but theres a lot of good laughs here. I don't know how else to describe it. I've laughed a lot at it, worth checking out if you're looking for a laugh.

    8. Warm Bodies

    It's by no means the best movie, but it is unique and thats why i loved it. A story about a girl who falls in love with a zombie. I haven't watched for a long time, maybe i should check it out again.

    9. Kick-Ass

    What if superhero's were real? No superpowers, just a someone who puts on a mask and fights crime. This was really enjoyable. One of my favourite superhero films.

    10. Freddy Got Fingered

    I don't understand why i like this. It's not great in any aspect, yet i laughed the whole way through it. It's a weird comedy, but im all for it. If you like comedy id highly recommend this. It might not be for you, but if you're anything like me, you might find something great in the madness.

    11. Four Lions

    A movie about a group of terrorists planning their attack. Really funny movie.

    12. Summer Wars

    Amazing art style. It's like an unofficial digimon movie sequel.

    13. FLCL

    I didn't get it at first, or second watch. But it's something that comes together after you watch it all. The art style should be enough to hold your attention untill you reach that point. It's a great animation, highly recommend.

    14. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

    A nice comedy about the centre of the universe. I love the way it's narrated and told.

    15. Samuri Champloo

    Another short but enjoyable anime series. It's by no means my favourite, but i do remember enjoying it as i watched it.

    16. Fresh-Meat

    A comedy based around the lives of uni students. It's nice to compare this to Blue Mountain sate to get a rough idea of how different uni life is and how much is universal.

    17. Outnumbered

    A comedy about a family. The kids steal the show, their improve provides some of the best comedy.

    18. How to sell drugs online (fast)

    Based on a real story. A teen starts his own drug company on the blackmarket. I love this series. Hopefully they release more episodes soon. Highly recommend.

    19. Rat Race

    Just a fun comedy with tons of comedians. Random people in a casino are brought together for a race across the state towards a locker with millions of cash inside. First to open the locker wins it all. Highly recommend this movie to everyone.

    20. Scott Pilgrim Takes Off

    To be fair i recommend all Scott Pilgrim Related stuff, the comics, film and even the song by plumtree are all great. A romance story about less than perfect people it's really nice. I always enjoy a character development story. The inclusion of tons of nerd culture make it even better. Love this.

    21. God Bless America

    A guy with a tumar thinks about killing himself, that is until he thinks of a better use of his gun when watching spoilt brats on tv. He then travels about America killing everyone that annoys him. It's a dark comedy, but if thats what you like you really should watch it.

    22. Slumdog Millionaire

    The story of a homeless guy who wins Who want's to be a millionaire due to tons of random coincidences in his life that led him to the correct answers. Great love story. I really enjoyed this. It's own unique story i haven't seen anything else like this.

    23. Brassic

    A comedy about a gang of theft's. The on going story is fun as well. It's difficult to explain why this is so good, but it's one of my favourite comedies of the last few years. Really good.

    24. 20th Century Boys

    The films as well as the manga. One of my favourite stories ever told i just love this. Theres so much going on that a summary doesn't do it justice. A young guy meets his friends at a school reunion only to find out that an old friend died. Whilst researching his mysterious death they find out that their old doomsday book they made as kids is all happining in real life. If hey can remember where they burried the book they can find out what will happen next and stop it before its too late. It then leads into them being framed as terrorist by the government. This is amazing, cant recommend this enough.

    25. Trigun

    Another one where the manga and anime's are all great. Vash is one of my favourite fictional characters. Id recommend the original anime for anyone looking to get into it. It's short and is full of fun and philosophy.

    26. Space Cadets

    A hoax that was shown on British tv in 2005. I remember watching every week and loving it. The show picked out easily brainwashed people and sent them to 'space training' in 'Russia'. each week they train them in complete nonsense. Later they pick the most brainwashed of this group to 'go to space' and had them enter a simulation machine and had them believe that it was a rocket to the moon. I don't want to spoil it, just watch it's amazing.

    27. Raising Hope

    A boy gets a girl pregnant, unfortunately she's a murderer. The mum has the kid, but since shes on death row she doesn't last long in this series. Instead the boy and his family raise the girl, hope. A fun comedy. The later series aren't quite as good but the first few are great.

    28. The Good Place

    One of my favourites of all time. This show is perfect. A great comedy and a great story that has you hooked from start to finish. A girl wakes up in heaven, only to find out that she shouldn't be there. Her name got mixed up with another, better person who is currently, unfairly burning in hell. Does she admit that they made a mistake or does she try and get away with it for the rest of eternity?

    29. Nathan For You

    Unconventional business advice that strangely works. This show is great and shows the benefits of thinking outside the box.

    30. Misfits

    One of the best superhero shows to come out in a long time. A bunch of misfits get given superpowers, but the powers aren't that great and they have little control of how to use them. Saving others is the last thing on their mind. This is amazing (At least series 1 - 2). Highly recommend.

    31. My name is Earl

    One of the best feel good comedies. A guy trying to right all the wrongs in his life, what's not to love about that? The later series weren't as good, but it started off amazingly. Highly recommend.

    32. Weekend at Bernie's

    This film wasn't all that great in any real sense, but i really enjoyed it. Very easy watch and lots of fun.

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