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My first photoshoot

A friend came in to be my model and we explored Glasgow.

    1. Idea

    This is what I meant with my dating photoshoot business.  If today's anything to go buy I've got high hopes for it.

    Unfortunately I've not uploaded any to my laptop yet so you'll just have to wait for proof.

    2. Walls

    The walls of buildings make for some great background's.  Old buildings have huge bricks whilst others provide a plain background with a nice texture.

    Even if nothing else is done finding new buildings will provide a lot of nice shots.

    3. Dinner

    Eating shots don't work, but relaxing shots after dinner worked really well.  Lot's of smiles.

    4. Poses

    I'm not a fan.  Natural shots look so much better.  A pose followed by a laugh works well though.  There needs to be some emotion otherwise you may as well take photos of manikin's.

    5. Graveyard

    We found an old graveyard and it provided great shots.  Very gothic.  Black and white photos worked amazing here.

    6. Church

    Old churches look amazing you can take a whole shoot at one multiple angles outside as well as inside (if you're allowed).

    7. Future

    I'd like to visit the Clyde and take photos down there.  I'd also like to explore the parks.  

    I think I need to talk to the subject first and adjust where to take them.  The graveyard wouldn't work as well for a Barbie type girl.  The park or the botanic gardens would work a lot better.  Black and white works perfect for the graveyard, not so much for the garden.

    I'm really excited to see where this goes.

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