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My hero's journey - part 2: Why it's time now

NotePD will be my captain's log :-)

I had to deal with some sad family circumstances the past couple of weeks and haven't been checking in on this great new initiative NotePD.com. I'm back now though.

'Why don't you just start your own online business?', Primoz asked me. He's one of Ramit Seti's top students and a former employee at Ramit's company.

When he told his list he was moving to the Netherlands, I wanted to meet with him in Rotterdam. That's a two hour drive, which may not sound a lot to those living in huge countries, but that's cross country in the Netherlands.

Primoz is younger than me, which for some strange reason always makes it harder for me to take advice. But I was able to overcome my pride and went to see him. It was like free coaching.

But I wasn't going all in on my own online business. Unthinkable for guys like Primoz. After all, he was living the life of his dreams. His business made him fly first class, move across Europe with his girlfriend, and gave him everything else he wanted.

I was still taking orders from bosses, dealt with company politics, wasn't in charge of my own time and finances. So why didn't I choose for myself?
'I am choosing myself', I told him. 'This job I have - helping Christians who are persecuted for their faith - gives me meaning.'

Yes, it gave me meaning. For 18 years (I'm 43 now). Until the cost became too high. The pressure to high, the politics too intense, the leaders... Well, let's not talk about them. I suffered and my family suffered.

At the same time, God gave me a new vision: to help Christians read, understand and believe the Bible. My free eBook was downloaded tens of thousands of times. In a small market. I sold thousands of paperbacks too. And I launched an e-mail course, which gave me hundreds of paying subscribers. The responses I get from the thousands and thousands of people whom I've helped are amazing.

I recognized the hero's call. This is the time God is calling me to leave my previous ministry. At least as an employee. I'm choosing the path that God is directing me on. It's also the path on which I choose myself.

A couple of days ago, after much debate, I reached an oral agreement with my employer about terminating my contract. This will give me a few months income to help me really lift my business of the ground. A business that will give meaning to my life.

I think I should give Primoz another call and hire him to coach me in my own business. It's time.

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